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06/05/20 | Corona Diaries | Ellen

Motivation. I can't find it anywhere.

The last few day's I've been lacking my usual oomph. Not just with work, with everything.

I want to keep creative, I want to stay ahead of my many schedules, scroll less, my body wants more exercise, I want to learn things and be productive with all this time.

I want all of these things but when it comes to actually doing anything, I procrastinate because I'm completely uninspired.

In other words - I cannot be bothered.

I love my job but I feel bad when I'm a bit stagnant. This morning when I sat down at my desk, feeling as unmotivated as ever, the fabulous Angela (Agony Ange) sent this to the work GC:

It was exactly what I needed to hear at exactly the right time, so I thought it would be the perfect thing to share with you today!

So instead, I've spent my day reading in the garden with the sun shining listening to the birds and wee lambs. It was lovely.

BE KIND TO YOURSELVES and stay safe! Ellen

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