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Self Care According to Alex

For me, self-care can be so many things.

Life is full of challenges, it's hectic and demanding as we find ourselves working to get the washing done, walk the dog, finish the paperwork, feed the kids, tidy the house, go for a run.

I don’t know about you, but these expectations can become overwhelming, especially if there is an extra job added to it.

I also find that having “must do’s” makes part of me rebel and say “I can’t be bothered, I don’t want to do that. Is this all that life is about?!”

I have learnt that a subtle change in approach can bring about a massive change in both my happiness and also, somehow, my productivity.

Instead of seeing the things to be done as chores, I see them as tools to ensure I feel under control and valued.

I enjoy the feeling and the smell of clean washing, the unbridled joy of my dog as she bounces around in the grass.

I feel proud that a little idea I had is now supporting lots of people, and what I write is just a type of good newsletter.

I enjoy sitting down with my kids to eat whilst doing the Harry Potter quiz, and all of us contributing to Ravenclaws full marks.

I enjoy having a tidy house and remind myself how very fortunate I am, to live where I do, that we’re safe, warm and surrounded by a story of my life.

I still don’t like running much but enjoy the feeling of having energy in my legs to sprint the last bit home.

The kids were listening to something today which referenced Nelson Mandela and fortunately for me, he provided the words I am searching for that explain what self care is to me:

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears”

Therefore self-care is all about empowering myself to have the best future, wash, eat, laugh, run, inspire, love. Also, chocolate, always chocolate!

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