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Volunteers are essential to the continuity of our work. 

This is a unique opportunity to make a real difference to someone at a crucial time in their lives. 

Walking in Nature

The role of our volunteers is to provide ongoing practical and emotional support to a young person, allowing them to eventually cope on their own. 

The Youth Mentor Programme

Our trained mental health professionals will usually work with a young person until they feel that they have the resilience, confidence, and motivation within themselves to overcome blocks and obstacles. 

The role of our volunteers is crucial in this process, as they help provide ongoing practical and emotional support, allowing the individual to eventually cope on their own.

Among the responsibilities of the volunteer role are:

Supporting Young People, reducing social isolation, and helping them with their emotional stability

Providing practical, non judgmental support

Assisting the young person to access community services and facilities, such as health care, shops, parks, and community centres

Informing the young person about organisations that can help with things like housing, benefits and activ


We provide blended learning training that combines face-to-face, online and group sessions. 

We offer a three-part online training course that you can complete at your own pace as well as two face-to-face meetings at the beginning and end of the course.

We expect you to spend at least one hour a week supporting the young person once you have completed the full training. This can be arranged on a flexible basis between the volunteer and supported person.

We are currently recruiting volunteers to engage and support our Young People through hobbies, skills and interests you have in common.

Our recruitment process involves a PVG check as well as an initial in-person meeting.

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