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A further 2 years funding was secured following the pilot's success

MORE and more referrals were coming through (self referrals as well as those on behalf of a young person)






Work was emotional and mental health focused with challenges ranging from anxiety to PTSD, self-harm, and suicidal idealisation.

WHILST working at Children 1st, Alex set up the company and ran it himself from his little car.


With no work base he did transition work in primary schools based in the Selkirk area, with students moving up to high school.

Receiving good feedback for his work, he continued to work for free.

LATER that year, he managed to secure 6 months worth of funding.

With it, he'd pilot his peer support for young people in the Borders, doing outreach with 16-25 year olds. 

OVER those 6 months, Alex worked with 65 people and had accumulated a waiting list.

JUNE 2015


Over this period, we worked with over 160 individuals despite the 2nd worker going on long term sick leave after a year.

WORKING in conjunction with social work, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, homeless teams, schools, Borders College, Children 1st, GP’s and psychological services among others. 


we secured funding for the next 3 years

within 8 months, we had surpassed this aim

We also have 4 voluntary BOARD MEMBERS to help oversee the running of things.

FUNDING  allowed us to take on another support worker 

WE TRAINED our first group of volunteers!

Now with 1 full time support worker and 2 part time, our AIM was to:


 commit to working with 135 people over 3 years.

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robyn joined the team as our third support worker


WE trained our second group of volunteers.

WE now have 8 active accredited peer mentor volunteers

the demand continues to grow

we continue to deliver the person centred, non-clinical, service while being able to adapt to the changing requirements of the people we work with.



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Ruth Casserly and Moira Taylor-Smith also worked for us during this time.

 "After a conversation with Alex about getting more volunteers involved, we put our ideas together. 


We decided that a formal, accredited volunteer training course would be good to aim for. I put the paperwork together working alongside the awarding body and ran the first course."

"I had just finished teaching and was looking for a new project and decided to get involved volunteering with One Step"

"offering one-to-one support for young people, we went on day trips to the coast, bike rides and walking, offering a listening ear and emotional support while we did outdoor activities"


created and delivered by Angela!

WITH this funding, One Step could afford to take on another support worker and secure a base for them to work from, in Melrose.

One of the volunteers on that training programme was Robyn. Who went on to become one of our support workers.

"I did the volunteer training because I wanted to give people something I never had.  I would have benefited massively from a service like OSB"

"I changed career path to give something back. To help people be the person they want to be. To help them regain something they've lost."

our hopes for the future 

"more group support for young people dealing with isolation would be great."


"for our reputation as a respected resource to grow."


"progress with the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award scheme  – we started this with an initial meeting but the lock down has halted our plans for the moment, hope to continue with this later in the year!"

Profile Pic (2).jpg

"for One Step to be recolonised for all the incredible work that they do!"

"maybe recruit one more support worker." 

"to reach as many young people as we can!"

"to keep spreading our message!"

"continue raising awareness and encourage young people to talk and ask questions."

"create engaging content that informs and encourages"

"end the stigma surrounding young people's mental health and well being."

ROBYN PROFILE_edited.jpg

"I'd like us to win an award. Even just Alex for all the fabulous work he's done and continues to do for so many young people."

 "I want us to continue to expand, receive more funding, so we can receive more hours to help more wonderful young people"

"I'd like us to be better known by different organisations"

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