Our volunteers are at the heart of what we do. Without them, we couldn't deliver our service.


Our training course consists of 4 weekly sessions, lasting 3 hours. 

On completion of the training, we'd expect you to dedicate 2 hours each week to supporting your young person.


Consistency is important in supporting young people - this should be kept in mind when applying for one of our training programmes. 


Emotional attachment is a huge part of our work. Working so closely with people, it's only natural. Therefore, it's important that we learn how to manage it. 


Having personal/lived experience can either help or hinder the support we offer.


It's worth considering that some people, given the nature of the support we provide, may find working with young people, triggering. 


  • Offer young people support, reducing social isolation and helping them with their emotional stability.

  • Offer practical, non-judgemental support to individuals who need it.

  • Help the young person to access or maintain community activities – i.e. health services, shops, parks and community centres.

  • Give the young person support with issues which concern them. Like providing information about organisations that could help them with things like housing or benefits.


  • Mentoring gives you the chance to make a real difference to someone's life.  ​

  • An opportunity to meet and work with a range of different people ​

  • Regular training and development opportunities will allow you to develop new and existing skills. 

  • It's great experience that will elevate your CV.