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01.04.20 | Corona Diaries | Angela

So much change this week, which I'm not normally good at coping with!

Not going out to work, plans cancelled and my daughter's wedding postponed until next year, but I've been extra careful to do things to keep my head straight and keep a routine.

I've been self-isolating and kept busy reading books I'd neglected, online support for our young people, avoiding too much social media when things get too much and lots of cooking using things in the cupboard I didn't know I had. Including some amazing onion bhajis from scratch (recipe available on request!).

I've not been able to do my usual epic walks but I've made sure I go outside into the garden and been amazed that Spring is definitely on the way, oblivious of the chaos in the human world right now.

Lots of frog activity in the pond resulting in piles of frogspawn, ducks appearing to be nesting on our hedge and my chickens are always amusing whatever they do.

Nature is such good therapy.

It's also been humbling to see how local businesses and neighbours have pulled together to help each other, we are very lucky to live in such a caring community.

Look after each other xx

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