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13.05.20 | Corona Diaries | Alex

So, I think the key thing is the chicks.

They arrived without gore or feathers in fact. They are definitely dinosaurs. Squawking, pooping, cute, mini dinosaurs. I don’t know what to make of them. They’re very funny and kind of catlike in that I stoically ignore them, and they that to mean I need to be won over, so follow me about the place determined to overcome my lack of interest.

My eldest on the other hand is their mum and dad in one, often found covered in them (it’s cuter than it sounds).

As for this Corona malarkey, it’s just shit isn’t it?

I’m hearing from friends who generally find life straight forward, questioning their future and purpose.

I broke my TV amnesty and watched a documentary of medical professionals and their real-life experiences. My heart went out to them and the helplessness of the situation. They are so very brave, selfless and underappreciated.

Now, I know we all want to get back to normality but I can’t be alone in thinking that it’s coming too soon. Over 210 deaths in 24 hours and our PM standing there, being intentionally ambiguous about returning to work, social distancing and sending our children to school.

This is a madness and I can’t help but be cynical about the reasons for this. Why should employees be the ones to make the call on returning to work?

It is hugely unbalanced against those with less. There’s less protection, less support and I hope I am wrong, but probably more suffering because of an individual’s social standing.

This is likely to continue when the virus is long gone, with the poor, once again, receiving the brunt of austerity measures.

I am not writing this as a Boris basher or with any political hat on, I am simply scared. Scared that more people will die, that a further spike will come and that future funding to support individuals properly, will continue to be absent from our NHS and 3rd sector.

I am trying to find a glib remark to end this, but it just doesn’t seem appropriate. I am simply selfishly relieved to be living in Scotland.


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