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27.05.20 | Corona Diaries | Robyn

Here we are again, another week in lockdown. To be honest, I am done with this now.

I miss so many things that I took for granted. And taking day to day things for granted is something I have been feeling guilty about. This is obviously because I now can't do them. I often wonder when things do eventually go back to normal (I am hoping so badly they will) how long it will be before people stop appreciating and taking these for granted again.

I have also been wondering why people think now, more than ever, it is okay to be down right rude to one another!!?

It leaves me feeling more uneasy and upset because I feel now more than ever, we need smiles and friendliness. I go to the supermarket once a week and people constantly ignore the 2 metre rule, they don't follow the system the shop has in place and it makes me want to scream!!!

Aside from that I have been doing good. Sienna is still coping so well. Oh on that note I got rid of all of sienna's primary 1 school clothes the other day. That was a tad emotional. Thinking that this year she is going into primary 2 and will be 6 is CRAZY!!

Life really does go super fast after you have babies!! I have been suffering with mum guilt quite a lot but I am getting better at trying to accept what I am doing is enough.

I guess what this entry is all about is missing what was and wanting it back so badly some days I could cry. BUT I am extremely grateful for what I do have and for me that's more than I could have dreamt for.

My sister is leaving to go back to university soon and I forget that it's less than 2 months before she will be away again. I am going to miss her so much. Having her here has certainly had its ups and downs but it's been the best. One of the highlights has got to be taking her out in her wee car for the first time. I was like a proud parent smiling from ear to ear!!

Anyway, I'll stop rambling on! Those who know me know I have a degree in that.

Stay safe everyone ️🧡

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