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15.04.20 | Corona Diaries | Alex

I’ve been thinking about this post since my last one.

I was, like many of you, stressed. Coming to terms with a change in routine and freaking out about my wife’s illness. I want to say a huge thank you to those who read it and contacted me privately to check in.

Initially, I was embarrassed but then I was deeply touched and valued. That sentence is difficult for me to write but true nonetheless.

I’ve made sure that I am writing this with the kids safely tucked up in bed, my wife healthy and well, my dogs snoring by my feet, following a bubble bath with candles and Wretch 32(each to their own eh)!

Perspective is what this space has given me. It’s not to say that life is easy. Aside from health scares, there’s very little that’s changed for me, other than choosing a different way to look at the world.

I love Easter. It’s a time of year that was always prominent for me in my childhood. My relationship with my Polish Grandmother meant that, aside from chocolate, there was egg painting and odd rituals at the polish church, getting food blessed for luck in the future.

I could choose to focus on the fact that I will never be able to replicate that for my children OR as I have done, enjoy being a big kid, plotting how the Easter bunny can deliver chocolate whilst causing havoc ala Elf On The Shelf.

We also have chicks due to hatch any time soon which should be…. interesting.

I’m anticipating them to explode into the world like Alien (kids go watch it…classic film) and if so, that’ll be fun and if not, then at least they will be fluffy!

The weather has improved for my designated hour a day exercise, which is good so I may even dust off the trainers and start running again. Now THAT would be a turn up for the books. I’ll let you know how that, and the killer alien chicks get on.

Be safe, Alex.

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